Sunday, April 20, 2008

What a week!

April is a huge month for the Fry Family! 2 Birthdays and a wedding anniversary... and I think I am nearly all partied out. It has been great though, I was surprised by my husband with a weekend away at the Gold Coast for our 10th Wedding anniversary, and that same week he organised morning tea and a BBQ lunch with friends and family for my birthday. So when it was his turn for a birthday this weekend, we had a full day birthday party, we started with a BBQ breakfast at 9, BBQ lunch and roast dinner all topped off very nicely with a game of monopoly! And doesn't that bring out another side in people! I think I might be glad my Dad isn't a millionaire! He could be a bit ruthless!!
My boys got to go to the show for the first time! We went with their grandparents so they got very spoilt - and had a fantastic time!

My Business is My Party Design and I run it with my sister, Kristin and sister in law Bek. It all started when I designed an invitation for my nephew and made him the 5th wiggle. Then we got our heads together and came up with more designs where we could use the photo of the child and transform them into their favourite character... Then we decided it would be a great idea to bundle everything else you need for a party and we could then provide parents with a one stop shop! They could get invitations, thank you cards, a 1meter banner and a laminated A3 poster for a pin the ? on the ? (depends on the choice of theme!). We search long and hard for the right products and can provide parents with everything they need at prices that are cheaper than what you would spend retail (that is if you could find everything - it isn't easy!). It has taken us quite a while to get the website to where it is today - mainly due to having to learn so much... it was all new to us. But we nearly have all our images and designs uploaded which is great!

Now we have the opportunity to branch out into wedding designs and it is very exciting to be able to offer couples a fair and reasonable price for a quality product! Why is it that when people hear the word wedding the price just goes through the roof!? We are very busy developing our wedding range of invitations (and everything else you could possibly print!).

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